Napier art deco goes off

Our days off coincided this week so we took off to Napier to have a look at the art deco week. Each year Napier goes off with all things art deco. From the cars, motorbikes, clothes, music, you name it, its art deco styling.

It wasn’t until I had seen how gorgeous the art noveau and art deco style can be via the streets of Paris that I realised what a treasure we have in Napier. A week of celebrating these treasures is truly unique and inspiring.

It takes around 2 hours from Taupo to Napier. It truly is a rather boring drive with very few places to stop however once you get into the hills that is where the scenery starts to liven up. Believe me an hour or more of the forestry lands or in this case what was left of the forestry land after milling has been done, it truly is rather a bore.

Although the art deco week really started on the Friday night kick off we did get a glimpse of the events and the time that would be had by many that have traveled there this weekend. Where ever you looked people were walking about in 30’s clothing with amazing vehicles tootling by. Next year I would love to be able to join in with a wee dress up and get myself into a big band party for a bit of the jitterbug.

We stayed the night at The Tennyson (located on Tennyson Street). Cheapish and cheerful but more importantly has free parking and a short walk from the city centre.

The art deco buildings are abundant on Tennyson Street leading into town then into Hastings and Emerson Street. Along Marine Parade you have the Napier Sound Shell, lovely gardens and nice dining at many of the restaurants in the area.

Next year this celebration is definitely on my list to visit for a great week away living the 30’s dream.