Pillars of the Earth

So I hear that there is an 8 part mini series of this book that I have read many times. In fact I am onto the 4th reading of this book.
As far as books go, it is the one that inspired me to be more interested in architecture, even if this only meant spending a little longer appreciating the magnitude of an old church. The effort and years that would have gone into its creation.
The book is incredibly graphic in many ways that are deeply disturbing and uncomfortable yet it also holds true to the period and doesn’t romanticize away the brutality and hardship that people lived with during this period. The grit, dirt, stench and barbarity of the period is captured just as well as the beauty and hardship of creating something such as the cathedral in the story. You invest a long read in these characters and care deeply about their life story. This is what draws me back again and again to them. And why World without End was a must read when it came out 3 Christmas’ ago now. I vividly remember reading it non stop from Christmas Day and through that week desperate to find out any bits of information about the characters in amongst the new time period that the follow up book now covered.
So, I look forward to seeing the mini series although at this stage I have seen nothing that relates to it coming out in NZ. This doesn’t surprise me. Possibly this means a trip online to Amazon to buy the series! No worries, I’m sure it is worth it! Has anyone seen it? Your opinion please!