A weekend off!

Steve had a weekend off and finally the sun was shining. As we are heading off on holiday soon we thought it best to stay in Bristol and get ourselves organised. We did manage to get a bit of fun in as well.

Sunday we went to Bath and ended up at Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant in the Milsom Place mall. Wow! We had forgotten had wonderful Italian food can be once you get past the stock standard pastas that people pass off as Italian. Steve started with some green olives with a black olive tapenade and music bread. I had stuffed pepperdews. The olives were wonderful (as were the other items but the olives were particularly note worthy). Next Steve had the sardines and I had pork skewers. I had actually ordered a crabmeat spagattini but somehow that got mixed up with pork skewers (???). Even though salt and pepper is nicely presented on the tables you don’t need it! Everything is so well balanced in flavours that it would be a crime to add anything else. We topped it off with an affogato! A shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or gelato). Only the second place in the UK that we have come across that had it on the menu. A bit costly at 4.50 each but the espresso was excellent with a very creamy vanilla ice cream. Yum. It has inspired me to venture more into some Italian recipes.

We also managed to get to Baristas Coffee Collective on Saturday for a coffee before they closed. When the owner is on the machine he tends to be rather flexible about opening and closing hours which can be very frustrating. They do the best coffee in Bristol! Sorry about the quality of the pictures, what can you expect from IPhone photos.

Best coffee in Bristol
Green olives, tapenade and music bread
Pork skewers and sardines
Yum! Affogato
Jamie's Italian in Bath

Eating Out: Robin Hood’s Retreat

I mentioned in an earlier post about having found a new local (pub that is). How surprised we were to find that they also do incredible meals. Definitely not your typical pub grub.
Granted it is pricer than we would normally pay however these meals are not intended to be slugged down.
For 14.50 each you were able to choose 2 courses. I will never pass on a dessert if given the opportunity so opted for a main and dessert.
I had the sea trout with puree peas, royal potatoes and some incredible dressing that I forgot to take a note of. Followed by, strawberry jelly with white chocolate parfait.
Steve had the pork belly with potato and sage and mustard lentils followed by a cheese dish with crackers, caramelized onions and pickles
My descriptions unfortunately give no real justice to the meal. I mean how good can mashed potatoes be? Put it this way, we rarely eat potatoes but could seriously be converted by this mash! I have no idea what they did to them but it can’t be good for you as it tasted deliciously evil!
It took us over an hour to eat and although the meals were not portion sizes you would expect to get from pub fare, the quality of it ensured you ate slowly and lingered over the taste sensations. We probably could have forgone dessert (or maybe the cider before hand!).
No wonder this place got a mention in the 2009 Michelin Guide (we found this out after the fact).
In short, save your pennies and treat yourself out for a night! It’s worth it.
Robin Hood’s Retreat