It is amazing how your body tells you what is going on inside your head before you figure it out yourself. I have had a darn mouth ulcer for the past week. Situated right on the top inside of my lip it has developed in just the right area to not be seen but impact sorely on every time I eat, drink or talk.
Now I don’t often get ulcers and couldn’t figure out why until driving to work one Monday morning for some reason I was really anxious, heart was fluttering, jittery etc. Ah hah, stress. What the??? OK so we are slowly packing up our place, selling everything we own, moving to the other side of the world where we don’t know anyone, why would I be stressed?!!!
Now only if my body could come up with a good way to tell me how to deal with it!

Movie: Perfume

Rainy Saturday afternoon with a cracker of a cold. Great place to go and relax with no effort except to watch the wonder of film. This weeks movie: Perfume. Based on the best selling novel “Perfume. The story of a murderer” written by German, Patrick Suskind. Must say I never knew it was a novel so I’m keen to read this now. The movie is set in 18th century France opening in the squallid, overwhelming stench of the Paris fish markets where Jean-Baptiste Grenouille comes into the world. Even at birth you see that this child has a special drive to live and a sense of smell that is already developing. Orphaned not long after birth Jean-Baptiste continues to explore and develop his gift to the detriment of social skills and limited speech. Eventually he is sold into a tannery where this takes him to see the wonders of perfumerys in Paris. He then becomes fasinated with the natural fragrance of a particular beautiful young women of which he inadvertantly kills in his desire to languish in her scent. As her scent dissipates with the fading warmth of her body this propels Jean-Baptiste forward in his savant-like single mindedness into the world of perfume determined to learn the secrets of this craft, wishing to learn how to capture the scent of all things. If he can capture the scent of all things, then never again would he lose such a wonderous frangrance as hers. Finally he discovers the secret and begins his murderous ramage, no compassion, no realisation of his victims as being human, increasingly possessed with the determination to create the ultimate perfume. Never before have I experienced a movie that could so intensely convey “smell” through the art of film. A movie that provides a clear understanding of a characters thoughts or motivations without speech. One scene that clearly stands out as an example is when Jean-Baptiste realises that the deceased young ladies scent is fading. The building frustration he has and the reason behind his angst is so clear yet not one word was spoken. This movie disturbed me in many ways next continues to fasinate me as I cycle back through the scenes. The use of intense close ups are often disturbing due to the subject but this effect is also used on stunning visuals such as intense red hair, white skin, delicate droplets of oil. The mere fact that I have been writing this review for the past hour surely tells me that this movie stands out. Would I see it again. Possibly not, however I will read the book and will continue to ponder the images and story. My rating: 7.6
Main character connection – although you never identify with Jean-Baptiste that is because he is almost inhuman, this was incredibly believable (9)
Supporting characters – many of them are all stunning especially Alan Rickman (7)
Location – from the putrid streets of Paris to the lush and colourful location of Grasse in Provence, all incredible (8)
Music score – perfect especially when creating his perfumes (8)
Believability – disturbingly so (7)
Intelligence factor – (7)

Great week

Had a fantastic week with some mates from NZ coming over for work/holiday. Always awesome to catch up with your mates, hang out, chat, eat, laugh, with possibly a bit of exercise thrown in. Thanks guys for an awesome time. You ladies (and young man) truly are stunning and I love you heaps. I hope you loved hanging out in my home town.
It’s very strange actually, because I have come to see Sydney as my home and New Zealand as my grounding. What does this mean? Who I am at a base level comes from my experiences and life education in NZ i.e. faith, family, environmental and social values. This grounding helps me to understand who I am and stay true to this even if my “location” changes. All my choices, in some way, are influenced by this grounding.
Anyway, enough babble. Had a great week even though my husband has now passed his cold onto me. Great chance to catch up on sleep I suppose.