Taupo road trip

Steve recently took part in another half marathon in Taupo. We were very fortunate to get amazing weather over the weekend and a fabulous family to stay with in Kinloch just out of Taupo. Incredible views from their home, in the countryside, good conversation and great kids to boot.

I love Taupo. I mean what doesn’t it have going for it? A lake, mountain views, ski fields within an hour or so of travel, geothermal Rotorua only an hour away, should I go on?

Besides getting hit by another driver (while I was parked in a paddock I might add) it was a great weekend away with a good run result for Steve as well.

On the way home we went via the National Park as we just love this area. It was the first time I have also been able to see Mt Taranaki in full from this area as well. That’s how clear the day was!