Run update

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet on the run updates of late. I have still been keeping up with it but really progress was stagnant for a while. Then the weather turned ugly which put an end to the evening run, but we are now back on track with a few bright, sun shiny days.
So my update…last week I managed for the very first time….a whole lap without stopping!!! Woo hoo. Ok, so the next day I couldn’t repeat the performance but hey I was still on a high. That was last week.
This evening went even better. This time I managed not 1, not 2 but 3 laps (6 kilometres!!!!) without stopping! Can’t tell you how pleased I am with myself at the moment. That has to be the first time EVER in my life. Sad – but true.
3 laps, 6 kilometres, 52 minutes.

Movie: Star Trek

OK, this movie I would pay money to see again! Loved it. Funny without being geeky, intriguing to see all the main characters come together through different circumstances and big space battles. Seeing the Enterprise for the “first time” was also really cool! 4 out of 5.

Movie: Angels and Demons

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the tragically unsuccessful adaption that was The DaVinci Code. Angels and Demons was a real step up this time. To be honest I still don’t particularly like Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon but we have been trying to rack our brains for a good alternative. Still nothing. Ewan McGregor was excellent and the views of Rome and The Vatican stunning. Would even consider a trip to Italy now 🙂
The locations were great and the acting good but it still doesn’t manage to pull off portraying Robert as per the book. Tom’s version of Robert comes across as being ready with scripted answers to the riddles as opposed to seeing the character work through the problem. 2.5 out of 5.

Movie: X-Men Origins – Wolverine

We have seen a number of movies lately but they are all sitting in my “drafts” folder waiting to be written about. Hugh Jackman returns in the role of Wolverine but this time we see where he comes from and how he became the way he is (very vague I know but I don’t won’t to spoil it for those that haven’t a clue about Wolverine). Liev Schreiber also joins the story as a baddie and as always is fab. I enjoyed the story, loved the cinematography but did think it was rather more graphic and violent than a 12A. 3 out of 5.

Happy Birthday Ashton

It’s days like these that you realise it sucks to be living so far away from family.
My little nephews are growing at a ridiculous rate and I haven’t even met Ashton in person yet.
Just tried to ring you guys but got the dreaded answer machine. Love to you all and big cuddles to Emerson and Ashton. Love Aunty Carleen & Uncle Steve xox

NDAC – National Diving and Activity Centre

I mentioned in the last post that we had to get back to Bristol after the Exmoor marathon as we had something else lined up for Sunday.

We have been looking into getting our diving tickets. Yes, I realise how bizarre that is after 10 years in a stunningly warm location such as Australia. Where as now in Britain we will have to get our tickets whilst rugged up in drysuits as I seriously don’t think we will survive the water temperatures here.

We went out for the day and provided surface support during a diving lesson to get an idea as to what we could expect. With a day full of sunshine it was the perfect time to have a look. We have been to the dive location before which is an old quarry. They have placed all sorts of obstacles in the water (such as buses, planes, motorbikes, cargo containers etc) and the depth range is to 80 metres!

Anyway, here are the pics.

Divers getting ready to go in
Great day for it
Here they come
All accounted for
Surface support

CTS – Exmoor

Firstly, Happy Mothers Day to our mums in NZ. Apologies for the slack memories of your children!!! What can we say in our defense? A gazillion miles of distance maybe???

You will be happy to know that we got home safely from Exmoor. We drove down Friday night after Steve finished work and stayed in a fine little B&B in Lynton. I have taken to using Trip Advisor and posting our comments through there for other travelers. This was a great place although a bit difficult to find in amongst the tiny, steep and winding streets of Lynton.

This was the last of the 7 in the coastal trail series. Yet again, the weather was great. That makes 7 in total with fine weather. That has to be a record. The run went really well and as I mentioned in the last brief post, Steve managed a PB of 2.26. Yet it is figuring out what the next challenge will be. Unfortunately we didn’t hang around for the evening get together as we had other plans for Sunday in Wales. More on that in another post.

The Exmoor course was stunning although incredibly hilly. I think they had 1000ft vertical gain within the first 4 miles. Ouch. I decided this time to walk the 10km in reverse as the path did not cross this time with the half and marathon. Remind me next time never to do this. As you are walking against the markers it is very easy to miss a turn. I did this twice and adding not only extra time to the walk but the extra stress of realising I was rather lost with no one around to ask directions from. Needless to say, I kept my cool (barely) and managed to get out in one piece. So, now, up and on to the next challenge.

View from the B&B
Race Base - The Hunters Inn, Parracombe
The start of the last
Along the track
The moors
The moors
Onto the coast
Follow the arrows


Just back from our trip to Exmoor for the final of the 7 x 7 x 7 (7 months, 7 locations, 7 half marathons. Will do a larger blog on the laptop but just wanted to post that Steve did an amazing PB of 2hrs26. The trail was just shy of 14 miles and in my opinion too many hills (says the person who only walked 10k of it) 🙂

May Bank Holiday

Exercise is quite high on our agenda at the moment. With the days finally getting longer it is a great opportunity to get outside after work and just enjoy what is left of the day.

With that in mind we have been running, walking and recently went mountain bike riding.

I admit I was hoping for a rather sedate, forest rambling, flower filled, nature lovers bike course. Yeah right like that was going to happen! No we went for the full on, mud covered, slippery tree root, low hanging branch, surprise drop off style course! To be honest looking back at the photos now, it seems rather sedate although it didn’t feel like it at the time.

After getting over my strong desire to keep my white shoes clean (yes I have issues), I really enjoyed it. Surprisingly, I only encountered one near miss of the Tree Vs Face category. Nevertheless we will be going back again!

Once we had finally completed the ride which took about 1.5 hours, we headed back to the car park to investigate some more rides. This time we did take the sedate family trail but, not surprisingly, it just didn’t have the wow factor after the last experience. It did however have a really cool downhill section which we took on at a cracking speed. Yee hah!!!!! A good three hours of bike riding later we headed to the pub for a well deserved steak sandwich.

Clean shoes - hooray!
Steeper than it looks!
On the family trail
Plodding along