Impromptu Parisian trip

It is K’s 30th birthday so we took a quick 2 day trip to Paris. Note to self-this is NOT long enough. To really relax and just enjoy the joy that is Paris I wish you a trip of at least 4 days minimum. Anyway, we were glad to see K, O and J if only for 48 hours!
A quick synopsis on some things that happened besides spending time with these guys. Generally our trips go off without a hitch this time it took a bit more effort but there are always highs and lows:
It snowed heavily for about 20 minutes the first morning but it didn’t settle. This was fab!
Our hotel was really lovely and quiet if not tiny! Bliss.
Spent the day in a lovely park celebrating K’s birthday! Cool.
I managed to hurt my back before leaving so was on panadol the whole time but did not let this deter me. Ouch.
Got on the wrong train for the airport. Stress.
Fixed that but then security wouldn’t let the slackline on the flight so Steve had to run back to the desks to check it in 20 minutes before flight was closing….freak out!
Phew. Now time for sleep and a wee baguette and cheese I brought home with me 🙂