Election time in NSW

As a non Australian citizen we are not required to vote. However, we do take an interest in seeing what the parties have to say and the reactions from the public. It would appear that this year the NSW public have shown that they are tired of the slow progress of their government but not tired enough to boot them out. As the media have been saying, NSW Australians have voted rather for “the devil they know than the Debnam they don’t” (Peter Debnam of course being the opposition leader). So it is another 4 years of Morris Iemma. Being a very clever man he has publically acknowledged that the Australian public have shown their disappointment and his intention to move his programs forward so they have services they can be proud of. Good move. Been reading the following in Proverbs 15:5 “A fool spurns his father’s discipline, but whoever heeds correction shows prudence”. This lesson can be used in many areas of life. Even in light of this election. Morris has been disciplined by the public who have said they are not happy with his leadership or lack of and he should now show prudence in listening to them and discovering how he can serve his people better.

Movie: The Wicker Man

Starring Nicolas Cage and supported by Ellen Burstyn and a small part by Leelee Sobieski this movie had plenty of promise. Cage plays a police officer that is called to a secluded island to investigate the case of a missing local girl. He quickly learns that the island dwellers are harbouring dark secrets and races to uncover the mystery of the disapperance before something further happens. I think as movie goers we have been so moulded into a particular style of story telling that we are disappointed when we don’t get the expected result. Without giving anything away, this movie left me disappointed but more so at the recognition that I am one of those that have been moulded to that style of story telling. If you think that you can work out the plot, go for it, I didn’t even see it coming! 5 out of 10.

Rainy days and Monday

Well in fact this is only about a rainy day but I love that song from “The Carpenters” and it seemed appropriate for the title.
Saturday morning and I was extremely organised. Up early, completed the dishes from the night before (yes I know I should have done these last night, so what!). Then nicked down the road to get the washing on while racing off to get the groceries in the 30 minutes that it takes to do a load at the laundromat. Picked up the washing, endured look of disapproval as I was 10 minutes late collecting the washing (oops), raced home to hang it out… ahhhhhh time for breakfast. All this achieved before 10am. Lovely.
However, just gotten home from shopping for a backpack for our pending UK trip and it has decided to rain today! We are in a drought and it rains all over my freshly laundered washing. Of course it rained so hard that it kicked up mud all over the washing so it is even dirtier than before washing it! Man, that sucks. Oh well, start it all again tomorrow.

Marriage – what is it?

Been pondering this thought lately and I have come up with my initial draft on the subject. However, you have to read it right through.
Marriage is about self sacrifice. Caring for someone so much that you place them and their needs above yours. However, the kicker is that both parties must possess a spirit of self sacrifice. Both parties putting the needs of the other before their own. When this happens only then can you truly work together to figure out how to move forward based on “we” decisions not “me” decisions.