Je ne comprends pas

I just had to put that in as we head to France tonight. Yee hah! The heading above (Je ne comprends pas = I don’t understand) is one of the few lines I NEVER use while in France if I can help it. We always give it a go, more often looking silly but hey, you have to try.

I got my haircut last night before going away. The flatmates seemed to like it. Not sure if I’m sold on it or not. The idea has been to go shorter and shorter in length until I get it all chopped off. For the first time the hairdresser mentioned that as my hair is so thick it just goes really boofy the shorter it gets and may not sit well. Thanks for that, could of told me earlier. I think I am using this as an excuse to chicken out having always had long hair it feels very strange. Anyway, here’s the current look (including copper tones). Sorry about the quality of the photo and the cheesy grins, I have to start using the camera again as the Iphone quality is really not up to scratch at times for posts.
The new look