The best kebab in Sydney

Before we hit the beach at Clovelly for a swim and snorkel we needed to fuel up. So what better fuel than a perfect grilled chicken sish kebab from Sabbaba in Bondi. Now I must say that Bondi is seriously over rated as a beach. Far too many kiwis and brits (coming from a fellow kiwi I am allowed to say this!) 🙂 However, Sabbaba has got to be the best thing about Bondi that we have found so far. Soft homemade pita bread, tabbouleh, hommous, grilled chicken, baba ganoush etc. Yum. Topped off with homemade falafel. The best. Now time for a swim to burn it all off! P.s. down by 2.3kg’s this week! [[popup:p1000249.jpg:(thumbnail):Sabbabba kebab:1:center]]