So this is spring?

I would say that I’m quite the wimp really. Our fire has been going since about April and here it is, already spring moving into summer, and it is only a week since we stopped using the fireplace. I am looking forward to the summer months of warm weather but I will miss the crackling sound and delightful colours of a hearty fire.

The clocks went forward for daylight savings a couple of weeks ago so the days are getting deliciously longer so more time to do those wonderful outdoor activities (once it warms up).

Things have been quite hectic lately with the recent passing of both my grandfathers. I am so thankful that I have had so many years with both of these wonderful men. If I was to think of the first thing that reminds me of both or describes them – for Grandad Sears he is the man from Snowy River and for Grandad Penney he is the sea. This will mean nothing to you but those thought evoke wonderful memories that I hold dear. If you think of a loved one what image, sound or smell is it that instantly makes you remember them?

Naturally at a time of loss you begin to ponder your own mortality and the legacy you wish to leave. What will each of us contribute? What can I contribute? Do I need to? I have no answers, just questions.

I will update on my 100km challenge another time. At the moment many other things are calling such as getting outside and enjoying the fleeting sunshine.

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