Aratiatia Dam bike/ride

Yesterday we had galeforce winds and town crowded for the 2011 Cycle Challenge. What a great day with some people buzzing around town, supporting the riders. This morning we have a stunning blue sky and a lake that is dead still. There you go visitors, the lake and mountains have turned on a fine spectacle for you today.

A couple of weeks ago we went for a ride/run after work (love these longer days in Summer). Here are some pictures from that day. Stunning afternoon until going down a particularly steep hill I hit something that punctured my tyre. I continued to ride for as long as I could (yes, not the best idea) but we were AGES from our end point. I need more practice and of course more confidence on the bike. Not so keen on going too fast so need to do some research into some decent handling skills. The picture files are huge so I would not recommend clicking on them to open them up further unless you really want a long wait time!

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