Mid winter here we are

Well to be honest it is well past that mid winter mark but winter feels like it has settled in for a while. When I checked the last time I did a post I was rather surprised. May! What the???

Since then I have visited my nephews in Melbourne, signed up for the Luxmore Grunt, attended the FC ball in Auckland, left FC and now have a new job as an archivist. The months have flown by.

In the meantime illness in our household continues to linger and given the change of job and general laziness of life we have well and truly slipped off the plan. I can tell you now that I can feel the effects of unhealthy eating, lethargy, tiredness etc. Today was our push to get back on the “wagon” as such. With my new role I can walk up to the local butcher but again he has no idea where his meat is coming from. Seriously people, how hard is this???? It’s rather scary to be honest, aren’t these people interested in where their food comes from, how it was grown, what went into it?
I have a hearty beef, vegetable and lentil casserole on slow cook for overnight. This will be a great lunch and dinner for tomorrow instead of mixed beans and tuna (can you say “over that lunch option”).

Anyway that was the small catch up for now.

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