Tongiriro yet again

While there is still snow on it, you have to go! The weather was stunning and it was not a hard decision to make to get moving out to the mountain for the day.

We were set with the coffee, noodles to cook up for lunch on the mountain, plenty of water but alas no sunscreen. Oops. Very silly oversight. I had forgotten how unforgiving the sun is here. You burn in minutes which, after 3 years in the UK and never getting burnt, I wasn’t ready for it. Ouch!

There were plenty of cars in the Maungatepopo Hut carpark but not a soul in sight. The council are doing work out here at the moment, probably getting ready for the summer crowds, so the toilets were not in action. Not to worry, time to use my SheWee. It’s the first time I have used it properly in the bush without the cover of a portaloo. I can tell its been a long time since I practiced with it as I promptly managed to get most of it in the device but a portion of it running down my leg. I clearly need more practice peeing standing up!

We just walked up to Soda Springs, not the whole crossing. We left it too late in the day really to do the crossing or to climb Ngauruhoe. I did notice on Ngauruhoe ash deposits on the snow. Rather cool but also a bit daunting considering the valley you walk through is prime for lava flows and lahars should an eruption occur.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the day.

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